Monday, May 5, 2014

What's on my Nightstand Linky.

First of all, let’s talk about my actual nightstand itself.  My grandfather bought these at an auction.  I loved to got to flea markets and auctions with my grandparents since I was a little girl. He got these before I was born and my Gram told me how much he loved them, so I had to have them.  The tops are a really pretty marble.  I love them!  They have  1 large drawer in them. I store books, journals and notebooks in mine. I also have some lotion, socks and gloves in there too!
Let's take a closer look at the top of my nightstand... I love all things vintage and shabby chic so, you'll find lots of flowers, doilies and pink in my house.  My nightstand is no different!
I have several lotions and lip treatments.  I love the smell of this  lemon zest lotion from Bath and Body Works. (sadly, they don't make it anymore!)  I just started reading Divergent and so far I love it! I didn't start the other book yet, but have it handy for when I find the time.
I also have this adorable painted chest on my nightstand. I keep holiday specific jewelry in it. I have 2 other books that just look pretty on it. That cute little cake is a lip gloss. It's just too cute!    In the frame I have one of my favorite pictures. It's of me and my Pap from National Honor Society in High School.  He didn't like to get his picture taken  so, I  don't have too many of us together.   That's why this one is so special.  I miss my Pap everyday! He's was my very favorite person in the world!!


So, there you have it- a look at my nightstand.  What's on yours?


  1. Love the story behind your night stands... how special!!! Thanks so much for linking up!!!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by!! I enjoy your blog so much!!