Sunday, May 4, 2014

Girl Scout Day at Knobels

We had a lot of fun on Girl Scout day at Knobels.  It's our favorite amusement park and we go several times a year.   It's free to park, there is no admission (you can either purchase tickets or an all day ride pass). There's plenty of shade and lots of seating.  And... the food is awesome!  Today was scout day. So, all scouts got a discounted price. The weather was a little cool, but nice.  Tatti had a blast with her friends!

              Waiting to ride the flyers.
 The Ice Pole (which is made of ice) outside of  the Christmas store.
 Driving the antique cars. Compromise= one steers and one controls the gas!

 There are so many special touches throughout the park.  A lion water fountain!  Barrels that are shoe shiners, a gingerbread playground for the kiddos. There is an entire little kids section and it's great. There are so many classic rides. They've been there since Mommy was a kid!

Here is Tatti coming down the rocket slide!

Ball pit? Yes, please!!!

 A pickle on a stick has become Tatti's favorite treat!

  We also always get a blow up toy on the way out. They have a lot to choose from and they are all under $5. It's a great little souvenir.

One last ride and then it was time to go. The park was supposed to close at 6, but they stayed open a little later.   Until next time Knobels.  We LOVE you!!  



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