Sunday, May 11, 2014

Trip to Washington DC

We went on a bus trip to Washington DC.  We really wanted Tatti to be able to experience the Smithsonian.  My Mom got her a book to learn all about it. So, she knew the main things she wanted to see! She was excited for the Hope Diamond, Dorothy's shoes, the dollhouse and the First Lady's dresses.

Tatti can even have fun on the bus!  She ate guacamole and chips at about 9 am for breakfast.  She only asked if we were soon there about 100 times and seat hopped about 10.  LOVE HER!!!

Our bus dropped us off right in front of the Air and Space Museum.  We were glad because we wanted to go there first! We read it gets really full and you should go there early.

Tatti enjoyed the hands on exhibits. They were the first thing we went to inside the museum.  She also couldn't wait to eat Astronaut ice cream!!! She devoured the pack in about 2 minutes!!!

We had to stop for some picture perfect moments on our way to the next museum.  Tatti also had to do some cartwheels on the lawn!!!! Cartwheels are her thing now that she has been in tumbling.

Tatti enjoyed the all the animals in the Natural History Museum.  There were a lot of interesting facts about them throughout the museum. There were also  many animals we hadn't heard of before- and some SUPER cute ones!!! (I didn't notice how bad the glass needed cleaned until I looked at the pictures)
Some of our favorite animals!!

She loved the hands on displays- like comparing her hand to a koala's hand.  She was excited to see a kinkajou- just like the one she got at the Rainforest show the day before. She just needed to compare them.  The cave reminded her of "The Croods".  

Tatti really enjoyed the rock and mineral part of the museum. She even broke out her Ipod and started taking pictures- of EVERYTHING!

The bug and insect display had  some interesting touches.  We just learned all about bugs at school, so Tatti spent some time in there discovering more bug facts.  There was a really neat display of many different chrysallis'.  I found it kind of odd that it was sponsored by Orkin. Really, a display with live bugs???

We went to the American History Museum next.  The first thing we did was ate in the cafeteria- can you say overpriced?  On the way to lunch Tatti saw the simulators and needed to ride one. It was only $7 a ride! (Really?).  After she chose the one she wanted  and got off, here's what she had to say- LAME!  It only cost $14 for a  LAME ride!  

After lunch, we got to see the Dollhouse- which was high on Tatti's list. Then, we went to the gift shop.  They had a Wizard of Oz pinball machine. It was soooo cool!  A little boy was playing it and Tatti got in line behind him and he gave her a quarter-   how sweet!    BTW- if anyone has $8000 they want to get rid of: you can own this!

Next up were the dresses! Tatti was thrilled- she had been reading all about these and couldn't wait to see them! We had to pick which ones were our favorite.  She took tons of pictures on her Ipod in this part too!  Pappy  bought her the paper dolls. Fun!!

 The last thing we saw (because we couldn't find it and had to ask)was our beloved Dorothy's shoes!!!! The highlight for me because it's my  favorite movie EVER!!!!!  

We headed back to Air and Space to wait for our bus. Tatti was ready to go home, so she started to get silly!

It was a great day!!!  The weather was great! (There were 2   rainstorms, but we missed them both because we were in the museum).  Have you ever been to the Smithsonian?


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