Thursday, April 17, 2014

A $160 swing set, dyeing eggs and an the Easter egg tablecloth

 If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember the first picture I ever posted was a swing set sale at Toys R Us. Last year, (right before Christmas) we were shopping and Daddy spotted a CRAZY deal.  I remember we just kept looking at the tag and reading it because we knew it just had to be wrong. It was a swing set priced at $199.99. The original price was $999.99. What??? You read that correctly. We still had Madison's swing set from when she was 4 (she'll soon be 13).  Daddy had been talking about getting a new one for a while, but they are just so expensive. This deal sounded too good to be true- you know that old saying... So, we had Tatti decide which one she would want (there were 2 on sale) and Daddy proceeded to ask the salesperson: Is this for real? We found out it was ! I also had a 20% off everything coupon- that worked!  We payed  for the swing set and then I went crazy sending texts to everyone I knew with little children about the other swing set: that deal was too good not to share!    

After a very long, cold, hard winter: Daddy decided it was time to assemble the swingset on Easter weekend.

So, with the help of Pappy, this is what they started with.  I had read numerous reveiws online about assembly and warned Daddy : that it would not be pretty. It was taking several skilled men an entire weekend to assemble. But, the directions said 1 person could put it together in 4 hours!!!! I already warned them that the holes did not line up, etc.

Here are the beginning stages of the new swing set.

Tatti had to try out the new rock wall and climb under the roof: which was her secret hiding spot!                                             

Both Tatti and Madison just hung out on day 1of construction.   They played volleyball, soccer, kickball and ate popsicles!    Gammie did what she does best: cooked!                                                

This is what was built at the end of Day 1 as much of time was spend organizing all of the un-labled parts.                                           

While Daddy and Pappy continued to build the swing set on Day 2: we decided to dye our eggs: outside!                                    

 I boiled the eggs and gathered the supplies and Madison and I carried them into the yard and set them up. It was a little chilly (because of the wind), but it was fine!                         

We have a little Easter egg dyeing tradition that my Mom came up with. Every year we dye our eggs on the same  two tablecloths. They are just plastic tablecloths. One is for Tatti and one is for Madison.  Everyone who helps dye eggs that year writes a message on the tablecloth with a sharpie. Then, we have memories from each year of egg dyeing. This year my message was about the swing set. So, they'll remember what year we put the swing set up by reading the "Easter Tablecloth."                                            

We love our Easter tradition. Do you have any special ones?                                                

We  tried 2 new ways to do eggs this year. If you glide a  crayon onto a hot egg, it will just melt right onto it!  We also put 2/3 cup (hot or cold) water in a bowl with a pack of Kool Aid. It smells better than regular dye, but got a little "blotchy" on the egg.                               

 I felt like we were in a movie: If you dye eggs, they will come!!! We had several visitors: which the girls just loved!!                             


First, our neighbors stopped by and then Pam even came outside to enjoy the fun.   Of course they all had to sign the tablecloth!

Then, my cousin and his kids were driving by, so they stopped in too! The more, the merrier!


Here are their beautiful creations!!!!              

 You thought I forgot about the swing set, didn't you?                                             

This is what it looked like when I took Madison to softball practice.                                      

When we got back home, it was finished!  So, 2 handy, tired, grown men and 2 days later- it's finished!  That's $160 well spent!!!!  If it was $1000- I'm not so sure!!!  Be sure to check your local Toys R Us around Christmas time. Maybe these are deals they have every year! Be sure to clear a weekend on your calendar too!                                                           


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