Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Sleepover!! Time at the Dam and playdates!

Tatti had a sleepover with her twin besties!  They had so much fun  and got along so well !!
Here are some cute moments!

What's a little girls' sleepover without painting nails- right?

Don't let the fact that the girls are brushing their teeth at 8 o'clock fool you! They were still up talking at 1 and  dressed and running around at 6 the next morning!  Why do they call them sleepovers???

They even got to play a little the next day because it was so nice out!! Please excuse the eye sore cinder blocks. (We had a little trampoline+ wind= NOT GOOD,  incident)

After the girls left, we headed out to the dam to hang out with our cousins. We had to enjoy this beautiful day with the never ending winter we've had.

Hannah, Aven and Logan were already there.  Their Dads were busy working on cars and they were busy playing.

The boys were busy trying to help fix stuff with "tools" in hand. The girls were pretending to fly because it was crazy, windy!!

Our cousin Zoey (or Zolo like I call her) came to the dam too, but she wanted to come home with Tatti.  Zoey is 3. She is a little spit fire! She likes to sing and giggle. She also likes to get her own way and is very smart. She needs to be independent and doesn't want help with much!!!  She loved playing dollhouse and found a button on the van radio that played music. Tatti made up a dance to each different song that played and Zoey thought it was a hoot- especially Tatti's version of the robot. She kept giggling and pushing the button over and over!
As our cousin was leaving, our neighbor came over to play. Tatti's day was like one, big , continuous play date!!!!


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