Sunday, April 6, 2014

April- Less Than Jake and meet Remington...

We went to see Mommy’s favorite band in the world- Less Than Jake!! Here are some pics before the show!

This is the 8th time I've seen them and they never disappoint!! They put on an awesome show and give it their all. They've been my favorite band since high school and always will be. There music just makes me feel good!!  Tatti had a girl scout sleepover that night, so it didn't make me feel too bad to be somewhere without her. Although, I can probably count the times we've gone out without her on one hand. We just miss her too much!!



I love all kinds of music, but none quite as much as these guys...

We also go to visit with the Super Cute Remmy! His name is Remington and he's our cousin.

He's adorable!! He's very serious...  He also has a precious little scar in his eyebrow (just like Dylan McKay).  Chicks dig scars- right? That's what Daddy says anyway!!

Him and Tatti sat on the floor to watch SpongeBob and he just kept looking at her- too cute!
When his daddy came to pick him up; he just kept saying- da da da da....  There's Remmy! We just love having all these kids in our family!! How lucky are we?


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