Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Egg-citing Eggs: Experminets to do at home...

My daughter had her school curriculum fair coming up. What’s a mother to do? Scour Pinterest to find some easy and super cute projects- right???  That's exactly what I did. Since Easter was quickly approaching- we decided: EGGS! Incredible, edible, eggs!

Experiment #1:  Egg Bouncing Ball

Materials: Egg, jar, vinegar

 This one is super easy and totally cool!  You just get a jar, put an egg in, fill it with vinegar and.. wait.  Then after a day (or more) the shell will "disappear" and  your egg will bounce, no really!  Now, not high, but just a little bit. How cool is that? It's cool!
Egg Experiment #2: Egg gets sucked into bottle

Materials: Hard boiled egg, bottle or carafe, paper, matches

This experiment can be described in 2 words: EPIC FAIL!!!  We started out  with a hard boiled egg with the shell on.  That didn't work, so then we used an egg with the shell off. That didn't work either.  Maybe the opening in the bottle was too small??!!!   We put a piece of paper lit with a match into the bottle and then stuck the egg on top. The egg's supposed to get sucked down into the bottle, but after 100 a few matches, we gave up!  I've seen tons of photos on the web where this experiment worked- ours are not among those!! HA! You can't win them all...

Egg Experiment #3: Karate Chop Egg
Materials: Raw egg, cup of water, pie tin, empty paper towel tube

This one is so much fun! We were skeptical about it, but it works!  You can see from Tatti's face that she's super impressed and amazed.  You just need a tall cup filled with water. Then you put a pie tin on top of that, an empty paper towel tube on top of that. Then, place the egg on top of that.  You need to quickly karate chop the pie tin and: voila!! The egg falls into the cup!! It's so cool!! We really thought it would smash all over the table!!!

Egg Experiment #4:  Egg Geodes

Materials:  Raw egg shells (with eggs cleaned out),  Epsom salts, water and food coloring
 You need to cook equal parts of Epsom salts and water on the stove. (Don't boil it!)  Then put the mixture into the eggshells.  Add 1-2 drops of food coloring. Put the eggs into the fridge for at least 3 hours. Note: The eggs may be watery. You can pour the liquid off of them and enjoy the beautiful crystals that they made!

Egg Experiment #5: Egg Volcanoes

Materials: Empty eggshells, baking soda, vinegar, food coloring
Tatti had so much fun with these! You just need a cleaned out eggshell. Put baking soda inside the shell. Put 2 drops of food coloring in the shell and then dump in vinegar. Watch your eggs erupt!!!!

All these egg experiments were a hit!  They are easy too! So, hurry and try some- there are a few days left before Easter, so it's the perfect time to do some Egg-citing Eggs-periments!!

Here's a shot of Tatti   at the Curriculum Fair.
After a big success: what do you do? Go for ice cream of course!!!



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