Tuesday, February 11, 2014

La La Loopsy Mini Wizard of Oz?

How did we not know about these?  We must have been living under a rock... And we only managed to find 3!  We love us some Loopsy and obviously we love the Wizard of Oz, so when the two get mashed together, count us in!!! Except, we only found 3... sad face. Keep reading to see which ones.

This is Tinny Ticker aka the Tin Man.  She is just adorable. She's the first one we saw hanging on the display.  We always love the details that are added to the La La Loopsy toys.  These were also on sale at Target for $5.99 each! BONUS!!  I love the little oil can with the heart on. Tatti thinks the tray of heart cookies look delish!

This is Kitty B. Brave aka the Cowardly Lion.. She is cute, but out of the three probably my least favorite. There isn't anything wrong with her.  I wish the cape would be green like the movie, but I guess they wanted a matching color scheme.

The last one we found is Dotty Gale Winds aka Dorthy Gale.  She is adorable!!! We LOVE her. Tatti loves Toto (the bows are too cute!!). I love the details. The basket, the Home Sweet Home sign, the lollipops- STOP!! You hit it out of the park on this one Loopsies!!   

Here is a pic of all 3 together. They are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Scarecrow...

Do you have any of these? All of them? Tell us what you think. They are a nice addition to our La La Loopsy collection...


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