Thursday, February 13, 2014

American Girl house living room

We recently added the video of our American Girl house living room to Youtube. Check it out!

 Here is an overview of the living room.  We decided to put a pass through to the kitchen in it.  We used wall stickers from the Dollar Tree on the walls.  We went with a brown, pink and green theme.

This fireplace and television came from a Journey Girls set from Toys R Us.  The fireplace actually lights up. It's really cool!    The DVD player is actually an old Barbie CD player. The flowers came from Good will and were 47 cents each.  
The coffee table which came from the Journey Girls set has some fun accessories on it.  The small maroon photo album came from Goodwill and was 50 cents.  The camera came with a purse set from Target- Our Generation.  The popcorn came with a Target-Our Generation sleepover set. The Alvin and the Chipmunks DVD came from Etsy. We purchased a movie gift basket with a DVD (of your choice), candy and popcorn.  The Apples to Apples game is from American Girl.  The details on this game are inpeccable.  You could actually play the game (if you can read the cards!).
This side table and telephone came with an older set from Walmart.  The candle is a Yankee candle chapstick.  It's just the  right size to be an American Girl candle.  The small book is a real, hardcovered book. It was free.  We made the tissue box from a printable.  Then, we just cut up tissues and added them to the box.  You can see a good view of the ledge of the pass through.  An American Girl needs snacks when watching a movie... right?

This  is a close up of the "china cabinet".  We got the cabinet at Goodwill. It was $1.97.  The shelves are filled with tea sets.  The top tea set came from the Dollar Tree. The two colorful tea sets came with dolls.  You can see a peek of how we recovered the chairs. They came with a teal plaid fabric. We purchased new fabric at JoAnn fabric. We used a glue gun to  attach the fabric to the bottom of the cushion. You can see part of Coconut from American Girl in the corner. He is sitting on a striped chair that came with the set from Walmart.
These board games came from FYE. It's  a mall music and movie store. They were on clearance and we purchased them all for under $3 each.  They are actual games that you can play and come with some game pieces. They are keychains and we just remove the keychain part.  I have also occasionally seen these games at Toys R Us.
Here is one last shot of the living room.   What room do you want to see next?  Let us know in the comments below.


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