Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bowling and an AG Lollipop

We wanted to share our little bowling adventure with you. Our local bowling alley recently starting offering 50 cent games on a Sunday. How awesome is that?  It's great in the winter to be able to get out of the house on the cheap. Here are some pics from our recent trip.

When we got there all the lanes but one were rented to a church group. When we got to the only open lane, one of Tatti's friends and Mommy's student was in it. So, we got to have even more fun.

It's good we had fun because  as you can see: Daddy did better than Mommy, Tatti and Madi combined... Oh well! Family fun is better than winning...
We wanted to share this adorable eraser! They are on clearance at the Target dollar bins for 30 cents each. They are the perfect size for AG dolls- hurry! Our store only had 2 left...


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