Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dollar Tree American Girl Finds

We are always on the hunt for cheap, adorable stuff we can use with our AG.  I love to visit Dollar Tree stores! I am a teacher so I always find goodies for my classroom too.  We were in another town and it's always fun to see what other Dollar Trees carry. We found some great stuff, so go check your Dollar Tree soon! Tatti is so excited to decorate the house with our new finds!

This is a little light up frog. It blinks and changes colors. It is adorable!! It will make a great "lamp" in someone's bedroom.  The store also had a giraffe, but it was broken.. Waa, waa, waa. We will be checking another Dollar Tree to search for more!!

This mailbox is actually from the Target Dollar Spot. It is too cute!! These were put out for Valentine's Day.  Hurry, go grab yours today. My Target was running low on them.

This lamp is from Dollar Tree. It's a solar powered lamp.  We  thought it was a great AG size!  We put it in the house so you could get a better idea of its size.

How cute is this recycling bin??? It is on wheels and the lid opens and closes.  This is the first time I've seen one at Dollar Tree. I was in with the school supplies and there were blue ones too.

Here is a picture with Ruthie so you can see the scale of the items with an AG.  The recycling bin is small, but some recycling bins really are!  The mailbox is also pretty small. It's more of a personal sized mailbox than one that would be located outside. We're thinking of either using it for Valentines or putting it on a stand and using it as an outside mailbox. What do you think?  Any favorites??


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