Saturday, November 1, 2014

Trunk or Treat and Halloween

Our high school Stand Tall (against drugs) club hosts a Trunk or Treat for the kiddos. They go all out decorating their cars. It's a safe place for the kiddos to trick or treat, play games and enjoy some food.  It's a lot of fun and another reason we love living in a small town.

I had to do a close up of Tatti's makeup. The spider lashes were from Target. They were perfect because her witch dress had spiders all over it!!

She ran into some of her friends. Which just makes the night even more fun!!

Pam got her these cute skulls with money attached instead of candy.  Tatti practiced her best witch cackle. We ran into our cousin Khloe trick or treating. It was a great night!!

 The kids got to wear their costumes to school, but Tatti's class was doing a lot of activities so we didn't think a hoop skirt would be too comfy. We opted for an impromptu genie costume made from some dress up pants and Mommy's jewelry.


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