Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Pumpkin Patch

I'm starting to realize that we have a lot of yearly traditions!  If we go somewhere as a family that we love- the girls ask to go back. I know those memories will be the ones they will look back on and treasure most. So, when we find a place we love- we return!

I love the pure joy on Tatti's face when she's holding the chicks!  We love to go to Cherry Crest. It has a huge corn maze and lots of ride and activities for the kids.  What impresses us about this place is that every year they add more activities and improve the look of it. It's very clean and well organized. A great family day!!



It had rained in the morning, so the place was totally empty. It was great! The kids got to do whatever they wanted. There were no lines for anything!!!

See you next year- Cherry Crest!


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