Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Sleepover Party

This year Tatti wanted a sleepover party.  So, 16 girls later... Here we go!  First up is all the decorations and party favors.

I love planning and decorating for parties.  I think it's so much fun!!!  A party planner would be an awesome job.  But, for now I'll settle for Tatti's birthday once a year.


Gammie made Tatti's birthday cake.  Her sister helped her and it was AMAZING!!  there were so many adorable details.

I set the table to look like a bed: complete with a pillow, stuffed animal and bedtime story!

What sleepover would be complete without some spa time? Foot soaks, face maks, glitter tattoos and  a nailpolish spin the bottle.

It was time for delicious cake and then presents.

After spa time; it was game time.  We played a marshmallow race- you use a straw to suck mini marshmallows from one bucket into another. The kids loved it! We made it into a relay race.  We also played Don't Eat Pete. This is a  favorite of kiddos all around.  You place some sort of candy on each character on the board. One child leaves the room and the other kids pick 1 secret character. The child comes back in and starts to eat the pieces of candy one by one.  When they try to eat the one you chose to be Pete- you yell " Don't Eat Pete!"  And what girls sleepover is complete without old school MASH!!!

Popcorn and a movie was next on the list. The girls watched Aliens in the Attic- it's one of Tatti's favorites. Cracks her up every time.

The next morning after no plenty of sleep breakfast was ready. But, to get to breakfast you had to maneuver through a maze.

Tatti's 8th birthday was a success! Do you like to plan birthdays or keep it more low key? Let us know in the comment section below.


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