Sunday, June 8, 2014

Philly... Philly

On my last day of school my little angel headed off to her first trip without me. (kind of!) Her girl scout troop went to Philadelphia. We tagged along in our own car.  We stayed in  Memmie's timeshare nearby. Tatti got to sleep in a museum and a zoo.

We  got to see the sights during the day and at night. Our hotel was right  in the midst of everything historic!  We may or may not have waited in line for 45 minutes for a cheesesteak.  That's a Philly must do- right?   It was so neat to just people watch and  there were even artists set up selling their goods on the street.

It was a great trip! Tatti had a blast and we were never too far away...   But.. it's always nice to be back home safe and sound and in your own bed!  There really is- no place like home.


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