Monday, June 23, 2014

On the Way to Cape May...

We were lucky enough to head to our favorite beachy location.  
Of course we have to blast listen to our favorite Cape May song when we get close!

 Our house this year was perfection! The perfect beachy cottage !  We stay in a beautiful town, so we like to stay in a beautiful house!!
Here's a view of the front porch. We loaded all of our stuff on there and waited until our official check in time to go in.   Notice my "filthy" luggage. This was the first set of luggage I bought years ago. I got it to go on my first trip by myself to Disney and it looked like that when I picked it up. Frowny face...

Isn't it the perfect: comfy, cozy, beachy adorable cottage???  

Here's our first day at the beach. The weather was awesome, but the troops said the ocean water was quite chilly!

Tatti almost got trapped in a sand bucket!!

 We saw this shirt in Philly in a store window. The place was closed when we walked by, so we went back to get Tatti this shirt. It was her favorite song for a while!

Breakfast at the Mad Batter is a must in Cape May! Maybe it's because it's named after a character from my all time favorite Disney movie. Maybe it's because my Mom loves it there and now we do too! Maybe it's because you eat on an airy porch with the ocean right down the street surrounded by gorgeous Victorian houses. Oh, I almost forgot- maybe it's because the food is AMAZING!!!!

 More fun at the beach! Today, we made a sandcastle town!

 You have to sit in the hand chair by the beach...
And walk by the Pink House. It was sold years ago for $1. But, there's a catch- it had to be moved. It's too cute!!

Our cousins joined us for a few days. We are always happy to see Dakotah at the beach because he is the master digger!!! And... his family is pretty cool too! 

The girls had a blast at the beach!! Khloe loved the sand and was content for a long time by putting the  sticks inside the sandcastles.

Another must-do (several times) is the Lobster House. It's one of my favorite restauraunts ever. I love everything...

One of our trips to the "mall" which is Cape May's version of the  Boardwalk.  The girls loved a new ice cream shop that opened and ate there several times. Khloe approves too!

We spent a day at the Cape May zoo. It's beautiful and it's free!! There is a donation box at the end and we always leave something. Everytime we come- we can't get over that it's still free. It's so clean and well maintained. There are lions and giraffes. It's a great stop on your beach trip!!

 We always do a "photo session" at the beach. Here are some of my favorites!!

We loved the house so much- we decided to do one there too!
 Khloe loves her Minnie! She just had to have her. When her Mom tried to take her to the register to pay; she screamed! So, we had to grab another one to ring up...

This is my FAVORITE house in all of Cape May. It is absoulutely gorgeous!! It's flawless. It's like a big mystery to the town. But... I'll let you in on a little secret. I saw the inside!!!! When they were remodeling the house- I thought it was soooo beautiful. I would walk by several times.  Once we walked by and asked the workers about the house. One of them said- "Wanna come in?"  YES!!!! It's as unbelievable inside as it is outside.   It was originally supposed to be a bed and breakfast- but, the owner's loved it after all the hard work- they decided to keep it as a vacation home. I can't imagine what it looks like finished and furnished!!!   I have to walk by this house several times on every visit!

 It was another awesome family vacation. Thanks Mom and Dad.


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