Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March So Far...

We had a  fun night babysitting our cousins!  They are both 1 1/2 and are just loads of fun. They have the best little personalities!!

Meet Aven and Khloe. I know- you can't handle how cute they are!!!

Meet Aven: He is a big fan of technology!!! So is Daddy! He also likes dragons, dinosaurs, music, calling 911 (he did that!) and downloading stuff onto my phone at the age of 1. I told you he liked technology.  He is a ham- he always smiles for the camera. He also makes that surprised face often which is just too cute!!  He is just so chill. He's always happy and we just love him to pieces!

Meet Khloe: She is a ball of fire! She laughs a lot. She has no fear! ( Just like her dad) Her eyes- stop.  Beautiful!!  She likes dogs, cats, fruit and Minnie Mouse.  She giggles a lot and likes to sing and dance. She also knows what the fox says. LOVE HER!!!

It was a fun night of singing, dancing, jumping, playing, screaming (at puppies) and eating popsicles. Hope we get to do it again soon!!!

Tatti had a fun St. Patty's day:

 The leprechaun visited our house. What a greeting- Hi written in toothpaste in Tatti's bathroom.  He also peed (green) in the toilet! He left chocolate coins, mustaches and jewels for Tatti's face. What would St. Patty's be without a holiday appropriate donut from Gammie?

 She wore the jewels to school, but not the facial hair. They all stayed on her face too!!  It was a great day!


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